SUPPLY CHAIN may be in crisis but we can take back control by looking at our systems and processes to manage costs, reduce waste and ensure quality. This is a culture, not a one off.

Our consultancy will review your processes in-house and externally for your complete supply chain.

A risk assessment of the current processes, not just the pain points and quality issues as an oversimplification can create greater issues.

The issue seen is like the portion of the iceberg above the water, we need to understand what has led to the issue- dive under the water

  1. Identify relevant risks
  2. Analyze and prioritize the risk
  3. Ongoing monitoring
  4. Mitigate the risk

As part of this process, it may be possible to identify opportunities.

overall equipment effectiveness, process optimization, asset management, transportation management and warehouse management.

Here is an interesting article I would like to share from Achilles

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