Science Writing Services

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Science Writing Services

With my background as a scientist in several global pharmaceutical companies, I am well versed in the discipline of science writing where I have translated my scientific findings, without loss of meaning to the non-scientists (internal or external to the organization) in a wide range of document formats.

Science writing has always been important, but in this current era of misinformation, it is critical to buffer myths, fake news and conspiracy theories, so public decision making is based on facts and evidence.

Assumptions, ideas, beliefs, predictions or suggestions have no place in science writing.

Scientific subject matter

Writing about a scientific subject matter in a non-technical manner gets the message across to the public without loss of meaning.



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science writing


The information presented in all these formats had been gathered, analyzed and assessed using accepted scientific methods.

  • Reports 
  • Change control
  • Cross Functional Team function communications.
  • Emails
  • Conference meetings and presentations
  • Project plan and Project deliverables
  • Proposals
  • Funding application
  • Blog posts
  • Fact sheet and labels






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