Here are some of the most asked questions.

Why do I need your services?

We will work with you to relieve the ‘pain points’ in your business.

We will identify the barriers, frustrations and limitations that are holding you back from greater success and provide practical solutions.

We provide bespoke solutions for your needs. 

As a consultancy, we can provide the skills and experience that you don’t have in-house and can focus on specific issues. 

As an outsider, we assess critically and sensitively but are totally removed from in-house politics and culture.

Our mission and core values demonstrate why we work with our clients. Visit our About page to learn more.

What will you do for me?

We critically assess whether you are meeting the mission and functions of your business as a whole, with the breakdown of jobs/tasks as needed.

We give clarity to your technical communications, documentation processes, and business-related communication internal and external to their business.

We identify risks in your current processes and documentation, providing the practical fixes needed for smoother business running and improved quality.

We use our range of services to practically assist you. Please visit our Services page to learn more.

We are collaborative so will work with your talents and knowledge and share ours to build better and for greater success.

How will you help?

We have a 5 step consultancy process which facilitates effective communication and accountability.

We work with the internal and external team members of your organization, building for growth and continuous development.

Are you a marketing consultant?

NO, we are NOT one of the many consumer-facing marketing consultant/ communication companies.

We provide technical and written bespoke solutions to your ‘pain points’, to make sure you excel and thrive in house and externally.

We work on the nuts and bolts of your work processes and/or documentation to improve the now, and work together to reach your future goals.

Why was this consultancy founded?

Owner Petrina Ferris

‘ I have so many blessings in my life, my family and friends and my professional career.

I had felt driven to use my scientific and writing skills for the greater good for some time.

Once I realized that my abilities to clearly communicate complex processes in a clear and concise manner were not commonplace, it was time to start my own consultancy.

I love meeting new people and learning from others so as a consultancy I have the win-win situation of diverse professional collaboration, while simultaneously maintaining personal passion and enjoyment every day with the knowledge of adding value and support to others ‘

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