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We apply our pharma expertise to create bespoke procedures and policies

that maintain client compliance and reputation.

Supporting your success with global corporate expertise.

Petrina Ferris is a scientist, and communicator, with over 15 years of management and research experience in regulated industries. Petrina has highly effective project management skills when it comes to innovation, industry, and regulatory requirements. She uses these skills to build upon and enhance sustainable development for her clients. Petrina is down-to-earth, practical, responsive, and keeps matters confidential for her clients. 

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With proven  technical expertise in global pharmaceuticals, Petrina brings the technical know-how to

  1. Critical review and diagnostics for your business processes and procedures
  2.  The clarity for your systems and communications, documentation processes, why pay for theoretical advice?

Why ‘bounce back’ to pre-covid ways of doing things when we can help you ‘bounce forward’.

We can nurture the resilience and adaptation shown throughout the covid-19 pandemic to further success on site and on the online environments.


Providing flexible ways of working, innovation, problem solving and value of human connections.

To learn more about Petrina and Systems and Style for Success, please visit our ABOUT PAGE.


We can prepare you to be competitive in the global market by providing you with a strategy. Don’t know how to meet regulatory requirements, we can use our technical know-how to map out a way forward and act. See our systems services below to review our technical skills to deliver your success. 

Change Management

Change management and process improvement drives the successful adoption of change and process improvements

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills will help you resolve critical issues and conflicts that you come across

Project Management

Project management brings leadership and direction to projects.



Quality Management ensures increased revenues and higher productivity for the organization.


We use our writing expertise to document your systems and business needs. High-quality documentation is your chance to shine and outcompete your competitors. Poor documentation leads to inefficiencies and also loss of credibility and trust. See our style services to see our range of professional writing services. Below is a list of “style” services available for you and your business.


Business Documentation

Documentation instils confidence within your business, among potential investors and your clients.

editing services


Enhance accuracy and readability for your audience. Remove errors and mistakes and enhance trust in your company. Improve focus and sharpen your key points.

Science Writing

Writing about a scientific subject matter, in a non-technical manner gets the message across to the public without loss of meaning.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Technical writing helps your business stay in front of customers and ahead of competitors.

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Our consultancy is collaborative.

Working with the internal and external team members of your organization, building for growth and continuous development.

Our simple 5 step consultation process facilitates effective  communication and accountability.


“As a member of the Warner Chilcott global technical team, Petrina helped non-technical people like myself, understand the details behind our products. She was professional and easy to work with. I am happy to give her my endorsement.”

Melissa Wisner-Flech

Senior Manager, Supply Chain at Gilead Sciences

In terms of ability to create quality documents Petrina was involved extensively in the generation, review and approval of Standard Operating Procedures, Deviations, CAPAs, Batch Manufacturing Records, Validation Protocols and Reports ensuring the high standard of documentation expected in a renowned multinational company such as 3M was maintained.

David Jacques BSc (Hons) MRSC

3M Health Care

“Petrina worked as part of our Reckit technical team for a number of years. She always demonstrated a strong technical focus and was rapidly able to analyze and understand complex data and present this in a format suitable for a range of stakeholders. Petrina has strong attention to detail and is extremely well organized which is demonstrated in her project management abilities. Highly recommended!”

Richard Postlethwaite

Chief Operating Officer at Copley Scientific

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